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OTS is a manufacturer of assembly machines.
Capable to propose a wide range of assembly solutions, it is focused on mechanical applications for the assembly of mass-produced small components.
OTS has a specific know-how in different fields: from automotive to electro-mechanics, from cosmetics to healthcare, including all consumer goods.
With a never changing purpose: always offering the best solution for the customer. Systems are all designed around the product to be assembled and are tailor-made for the process to be implemented.
OTS features a series of installations in Europe and all over the world, representing the best evidence of the capability to operate in a worldwide market.
Its customers portfolio is the best reference to demonstrate the quality of products

supplied: along the years OTS has built solid relationships with the main global market players, based on esteem, trust, skills and solutions sharing.
OTS is a small-size company combining, in accordance with a targeted company policy, the flexibility typical of local-sized companies with the skills, technology and worldwide network of large international brands.
OTS selects specialized manufacturers for the base machines and the feeding systems, concentrating itself on the engineering activities that, driven by understanding skills, experience and creativity, represent the true added value of the product. All other key activities - mechanical and systems design, software development, manufacturing of functional parts, assembly, on-board wiring and commissioning - are performed within the company.



EL.MEC. is an industrial automation company with years of experience specializing in electro- mechanical assembly and testing machines for medium sized producers.
EL.MEC. is capable to propose turn-key applications such as flexible and synchronous lines or rotating tables covering a vast range of solutions: from semi-automatic standalone modules to fully automated line with a high technological level.
With a significant amount of experience in various economic sectors, such as automotive, electro-mechanics, household and valves for water, oil and gas, EL.MEC. contributes to the development of new solutions for its clients.

Each new project is developed following a sequence of functional steps to guarantee maximum client satisfaction: understanding the needs, planning the activities, designing and carrying out the solutions.
Work in progress is constantly verified and shared with customers. Value and proficiency are optimized with immediate assistance and the guarantee of a constant presence. The personalized design characterizes the products of EL.MEC.
Reliability, intelligence, rapidity, precision and flexibility are the guarantees for the most demanding customer.
EL.MEC., also in collaboration with its partners, is able to follow its customers all over Europe and worlwide.



PRESSMAC is specialized in the design, production and development of machines in the field of stamping, bending and welding for more than 20 years.
Solutions are tailored to the production of components, above all for electrical and automotive industries, but also for other sectors including construction, gas manufacturing and stamping.
PRESSMAC is capable to propose welding heads, single punching presses standalone, programmable multi-slide machines (requiring no change cam) or production lines with the technologies of stamping welding and assembly.
Skilled project managers carry out the technical analysis of each project to propose solutions capable to satisfy to

customer needs.
The mechanical engineering office is responsible for carrying out proper dimensioning and calculations.
Automation engineers draw up the electrical circuit diagrams, develop the machine software and ensure telephone back-up support.
A team of technicians carries out the mechanical and electrical erection of the machines.
A constant increase of export leads PRESSMAC to more than a 50% of turnover out of France.
PRESSMAC reinvests a significant part of its turnover in research and development for a continuous improvement and growth.

MPA - Machines for Production & Assembly

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